Who we are

Company Funding Options Limited, who own this site is a specialist FCA Authorised firm that can advise you on raising finance for your business!

The founders have been involved with SME businesses for over 40 years. In that time we have seen a large number of banks being absorbed into 5 or 6 huge monolithic clearing banks, some of which, as we all know, had to be rescued during the financial crisis by the government.

Is that monopoly of big banks healthy for UK businesses? Well, we don’t think so and thankfully hundreds of new ALTERNATIVE FINANCE companies don’t think so either!

We have helped all forms of small businesses, with turnaround and restructuring advice for 25 years and we own and run small businesses like you. So we understand that cashflow can often be tight, raising working capital can be very difficult and the main banks don’t seem to want to lend – DESPITE their protestations to the UK Government.

Interestingly, since the financial crisis of 2008-10, we have seen an enormous number of new funding options made available to UK businesses. In fact – there are so many that we decided it would be sensible to build a database to keep tabs on the various products, services and options available for businesses.

“Company Funding Options Limited (Co Reg No: 09313307) is not an associate of, related to, or connected to a company called Funding Options Limited ( Co Reg No: 07739337)